Leather Coffee Sleeve w/Stitching Holes


This is my first time sharing an SVG that I created myself, so please let me know if it doesn’t work or if you have any helpful feedback!

I finally got the dimensions right! I find that to fit most to go coffee cups, the distance from the top two corners should be right around 10 inches (can be slightly less if your coffee shop uses smaller cups, or if you want the lacing to show more or if you plan to use elastic cording, which I have not experimented with). Any design can be added to it or it can be left plain. I’ve used it on Proofgrade and non Proofgrade. I’ve found that even with Proofgrade Medium Leather using the default settings for that material, it wasn’t cutting through completely and I had to cut it the rest of the way with a utility knife. So don’t be surprised if it requires a little after-work. I’ve changed to two passes on cuts and it’s worked perfectly!

FS with holes Template.zip (1.5 KB) Oh! I think I finally got the file inserted correctly @griffinroxanahr ! Let me know if it doesn’t work.




Great share! That will be popular with the coffee drinking crowd! :grinning:

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Thank You for the share.

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Thank you for sharing!

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This is great! Thank you for sharing your file!

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A great, basic design! Thanks for it.

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Thanks for the share!

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Nice share! Looking forward to trying this!

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SVG worked well. Thank you for sharing.

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Terrific design thank you!
It is hard to get that right



I am totally new to this so will hope I do this right. I bought a GF late last year for use with my leather projects. I have yet to cut or do anything with a piece of leather. That being said, I like your design and wonder if you have a picture of the finished item shown on a cup? Thank you for sharing and I hope to someday post something of mine to share.

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Sure do! I’ve been making a lot of these and plan to do a large post with lots of photos soon, but here’s one that I had already photographed to share on social media. It obviously has the Texas graphic added to it, then the leather stained, but it used the template in my original post:



It is beautiful, thanks for showing me.


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Is this svg file still available? I don’t see the link



I’m sorry, I don’t know how to insert it as a link (still learning!). But I tested it by right clicking on the image and saving it as an .svg under a different name as my original and was able to open it in Illustrator. If you’d be kind enough to tell me how to do it the other way I’ll happily edit the original post! :slight_smile:




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YES!!! Love this. Thank you.

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