Leather engraving and tooling revisited - low power settings

Hi @jan2, welcome to the forum!

All leather pretty much Engraves and Scores at the same settings, the only issue becomes cutting completely through it. If you are not going to use Proofgrade leather, you don’t want to use the Proofgrade settings, since those are set up for masking on the material.

We’re not supposed to discuss actual settings outside of the Beyond the Manual section, so just do a quick search there and you’ll find some good starter settings.

Cutting through is a different animal because of the fibrous nature of veg-tanned leather. There is a ton of charring because of the air introduced, and it’s very hard to burn all the way through. (Lasers do not work in air pockets). Shave or slick down the back of the veg-tanned before cutting and it’s much easier to process. (Tokonole works very well.) And for different weight leathers, you will want to run a few tests.

One word of warning…do not use fake or faux leathers in this machine, you can easily damage it. (If you are buying hides, that’s not a problem, but watch how they’re tanned. Chrome tanned (most leather) is not as healthy to use with a laser.)