Leather Feathers


Here’s what’s been keeping me occupied for the past few days:

I never knew leather was so much fun to work with!

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Those look absolutely gorgeous.!!!

If only you had 8 arms to wear them all :slight_smile:


You found your niche. Those are beautiful.


I had seen something ‘similar’ on Pinterest… but WOW! Not at all that gorgeous! I aspire. Wonderful work!


Ahhh, those are lovely! Beautiful color work! :grinning:


hand colored? very nice. Time consuming, I’m sure - but while you’re waiting for the forge to do the next one, what else should you be doing?? :smiley:


Beautiful. Leather to a new level of awesome.


Right? Fortunately other people seem eager to let me use theirs. :wink:

Not an easy thing for me, historically. Round peg, square niches sort of thing. And one niche is just never enough. But this one is feeling like a nice place to spend some time!

Thanks for all the lovely adjectives, everyone! They’re a great way to start my day. :heart:


Such beautiful coloring… And great pics!


There is always another niche to scratch!


I just gasped in amazement when that photo came up. Really, really nice!




Those are beautiful. Do you seal them with anything after applying color?


Those are awesome! Great job! :smiley:


Just an additional thought… That concept would make a really nice looking hat band. (I wear a hat when it rains…it’s by Beretta outdoor wear and kinda between a bush hat and a fedora… any of those colors would dress it up quite well…) anyway… Just a thought.


I just…I can’t. What?! These are beautiful…nay…stunning!


I’ve been using Kiwi shoe polish – it’s what I had on hand, and seems to do the job. :slight_smile:




Those are freaking awesome. Coupe of questions if you don’t mind.

PG or other sourced leather? What thickness?
Your design or did you start with a purchase or something like Thingaverse? Do you include holes for fasteners or punch them after GF?
The small groves are those small engraves or scores?
The spine of the feather is that just the color after engrave of did you color afterwards?
Did you use traditional leather dye or something else?

Really nice results again.


These are beautiful! What paint or stain did you use? It looks shimmering.