Leather flask settings

What are the settings for this?


“Available in Buckskin, Chestnut, Bay Brown and Black.”



You can mask it and use the leather settings. (After accounting for the height correctly, using the No-Tray option.)


Searching produces this result: Experimenting with "leather"


Did you ever determine setting for these? I just bought some as groomsmen gifts for my daughters wedding. Would love to have settings so I don’t mess them up!

FWIW, JPP has links under their products if you click on Tech Docs and Downloads at the bottom of the product page. Here you will find recommended laser settings which is a good starting place. I did engraving of the JPP Saddle Collection Coasters, and I think I used their 35 Watt settings (GF Basic and Plus are 40W, Pro is 45W), then just adjusted the LPI for best quality vs. time balance and it worked very well.


Janerlea did testing on the saddle collection here:

Note that these settings are for the Saddle Collection, which is faux leather designed to be lased, by Johnson Plastics and not flasks wrapped in genuine leather.


I’ve been using 1400 speed/25 power/340 LPI. The black is such a pain in the butt I don’t even offer it any more though. One wrong move and you have black on black.


Thank you!


Good to know!

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Thats exactly what happened to me. Took about three hours to finish some clothe labels and at the end nothing came out

what settings do you use to cut it?

The sheets of it? 300 speed, 40 power I believe.


Thank you

1400 speed? My Pro only goes to 1000 speed on manual settings. I am very new to all this so I am assuming I am doing something wrong. Help please :slight_smile:

Higher speeds are only available for bitmaps - select the photo engrave options.

Thank you so very much! Do bitmaps produce a better outcome. I have been doing everything in SVG.

Not necessarily, depends on the design, the desired resolution, the material…

Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate it!

bump it down to 1000speed/20 power. That should do the trick.