Leather martingale collars - my first finished piece


First post! Hi everyone.
I have lots of 6oz vegetable tanned leather at my disposal, and I found that the proofgrade settings for thick leather cut through it perfectly in one pass. I quickly drew up a design for martingale collars and got to work.
There’s also a piece of 3oz garment leather layered behind these, and I used the medium leather settings to cut those out.

(Apparently as a new user I can only put one image in a post)
I’m so excited to experiment further with these and explore more design options!


Very pretty! Love that layered look! :grinning:


Wow such detail! Are they hand painted too? Can’t wait till you can post more than one pic, they look great! :+1::+1:


Yep, hand painted! :smile: I could paint clouds all day if I had the time, haha.
Here’s my dog wearing the blue one:


Wow! That is striking with the contrast in color to the coat!


Very regal looking pooch. Thanks for sharing. :grinning:




You made it to the forum, so glad to see you! I’m so happy you finally got the machine and it’s up and running for you guys. I knew you’d do amazing things with it.


Yes, and I regret not browsing the forums earlier— really loving the work posted here! And everyone is so nice.


Very stylish.


Yeah, the community is weirdly beautiful with it’s throwback attitude of a much kinder, gentler, supportive internet . I’m certain that without it, the GF would not be nearly as cool as it is. There is just a naturally nice harmony to the group and everyone works hard to keep it that way. There’s a small core group of original beta GF users, those of us who lived vicariously through them and now lots of new members contributing to the good vibe. There’s a cool eclectic mix of artists, engineers and other builders and there are some really brilliant folks on here. Hopefully the forum doesn’t dissolve into a typical internet group anytime soon.

If you search back though old posts you’ll end up down a very deep rabbit hole of art and information. (If you get bored enough, search for the dance-offs :stuck_out_tongue: ) This is the best place to get help and tips etc. and it acts as the GF manual. Happy you finally wandered in!


I find myself saying WOW! pretty much every day here. These are great! I LOVE the way the rivets actually ‘blend’ into the starry sky design. (Love it so much, probably gonna poach the idea, perhaps for a key tag.) Best dressed dog at the dog park, no doubt!


Beautiful collar, beautiful dog!


A warm welcome to you here in the forum! I love the brilliant gem-toned colors you used for those collars…and the clouds are a beatifully subtle addition. Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity.


My favorite all-time threads here are the “Show and Tell” and “The Daily Rant”. (great way to learn the personalities of the folk who hang out here.) :smile:


Welcome! The colors of the collar compliment your dog’s coat, and the details are wonderful.