The daily rant: words of encouragement, humor, birthday wishes, etc



I thought we needed a spot for daily encouragement, a bit of humor, personal announcements, etc.

Leather martingale collars - my first finished piece

“The Balloon family name died off when it ran out of heir.”

Two robins are lying on their backs, soaking up some sun. A Mama cat and her kitten come walking by. The kitten complains, “Mama, I’m sooo hungry, what can we eat?” The Mama cat, spying the 2 birds replies, “How about some baskin’ robins?”

“Mountains rock, if you’re gneiss and don’t take them for granite or get stoned on some good schist.” Mike Doellman


How does a smart guy order a beer in Germany?

Gimme eins stein. :thumbsup:

Wasn’t originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind.

(I’d tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction.)


I don’t think I can choose a wiener here. - Rich (groan!)


Anthony? :wink:


Hahaha! There used to be a popular physical chemistry bumper sticker: Heisenberg May Have Slept Here.


Anybody notice how the number of posts to this forum is significantly higher Monday through Friday during the U.S. morning working hours. A deluge of posts all at once. Evenings and Friday afternoon until Monday morning, not nearly as many. Of course there are retirees, unemployed, self employed and certainly international folks. But statistically… You know what I’m implying.


I’ve noticed that for quite some time, but then I’m retired, so I have time to notice such things :relaxed: I receive notices of posts by email, so every morning the deluge arrives. I read through them, then link to any posts about which I want to read more on the forum. When Dan steps into the forum with just about anything, my email blows up. :grinning:


Hey, pretending to work is harder work than actually working… we are just risng to that challenge :wink:


So true.


reminded me of, “I’d rather have a bottle in front o’me than a frontal lobotomy.”


I, for one, find myself more productive when my imagination is revved up. That’s what this forum does for me. I have two 24" monitors in front of me at work. The one that is to the side has a small window for the forum. I do check it in the morning mostly, but in the afternoon too. I do work long hours, but don’t charge some of them. This is the only forum I belong to right now. It is certainly the best one I have ever seen. :+1::+1: - Rich



Yes Please.


A few chemists on the forum? I am trained in physics… - Rich


That’s the joke…it’s a very bad pun. Won’t get a reaction…chemical reaction.
(Feel free to groan…it’s why I pun.)




That is so duimb.


Hey, I periodically enjoy some chemistry puns!

Part of the reason why I don’t mind being the first to get into my office- I can spend all the time on the forums as I want! :wink:


Got the joke after I posted…I like it I like it…lol