Leather phone case engraving

My first project on the wife’s new forge, couldn’t be happier with how it came out. I actually just used the default settings for thin leather and they seem like they worked perfectly… I was impressed by the level of fine detail this thing can achieve.

I then later went back and added a little “If lost please contact etc etc” detail up top and my user number for the game in question - camera seemed to do an excellent job of allowing me to position my art work on the case both times.


Nicely done, really good alignment. You freehanded that, no jig?

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Yeah I visually squared the phone case up against the honeycomb pattern, the rest was just dragging into place on the GFUI. I had read that the camera alignment is better near the middle so I did make sure the case was fairly central to the bed.

I do quite often notice things being out of alignment pretty easily by eye and it bugs me, think I may have the slightest touch of OCD about it lol.


Awesome, looks like a bullseye! If you haven’t seen the posts about making leather stamps on here, they might be of interest to you too. Let’s see if I can find what I mean…

Ah, here we go:


Ah that sounds cool - cheers!

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Excellent job on it! You got great alignment! :grinning:


If you don’t have Delrin then acrylic works for leather stamps too. It may not hold up as well if you are doing a production run but I have one acrylic stamp I’ve used a dozen times with no signs of degradation.


Fantastic! Well Done!:grinning::+1::star_struck::glowforge:

Very nice! I personally would have been a touch hesitant to leave the phone in there, at least without something to cover the screen! :slight_smile:

In my industry, we call it “trust but verify”… lol…

There’s no phone in the machine :rofl:

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Another quick test project while the wife wasn’t looking…

One thing I’ve been excited about is the possibility to etch anodised aluminium. I have a CNC machine in the Man cave and a lot of what I make is Alu based, now that I’ve seen these results I need to get myself set up with an anodising rig!

The settings for this were 500 zooms, 25 pews and 275 LPI which was just a best guess for the first run. Came out great. Again this was just aligned on the camera near the centre, seems to have hit where I wanted.

Out of interest this is a logo I made for a new CNC machine I am designing and building in the Cave, one of my big ongoing projects at the moment. I hope to be able to use the forge to make it look like a really nice professional machine.


Cool! :sunglasses:
(Love the name!)

Are you using simple paint masking tape there?

Yes, just what I had on hand

nice alignment to seems hard to get that perfect alignment when you are not using proof grade material

does it peel up like the material they have on proof grade material