Leather Skull

Downloaded the pattern from https://www.leatherhubpatterns.com/

Used Glowforge to cut instead of doing it by hand. Gave it a quick go to test it out since I’m not expert in leather working or hand stitching. Will probably try again with a little thicker leather and do some detail work. Maybe scaled up a little in size.



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Haha, that is brilliant! Love it.

Very cool!

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Cool, imagine that on a cat :cold_sweat:

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Oh that’s neat! I may have to try that one.

I imagine myself bleeding if I tried that on my cat!



Oh that’s fabulous

This is fantastic, love it

You did a great job!! Love it!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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The stitches make it look really creepy! Cool!

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They’ve got some really nice patterns and are fairly easy to transfer over to vector files. Nice work!


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That is cool! (as noted by others). I didn’t think a cat–but how about scaling it up so you could wear it?? (though that might make the pattern too big for the bed then–or add a few new seams–but personally I prefer hand cutting my leather anyway & just etch & sometimes score the cut lines w/ my GF).

Yes they do…this is my next project from them…


I like the idea of scoring the cut lines to hand cut…but prefer to laser cut the holes instead of hand punching.

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They do have another skull pattern that is intended to be worn as a mask or helmet

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