Leather Stamp

Here’s a video: https://youtu.be/1KWlbNvQWgE

This guy does 3D printer; but I’m interested in using my glowforge to similar/better effect.

My plan is to make quicker and prettier work than this fellow who absolutely needs a glowforge (and better clamps.)

From the moment I saw the promo video, I knew I’d be engraving my Moleskine journals and notebooks; but it looks like there is evidence they are not safe to laser. I haven’t seen any claims yet that you can safely laser them - the dyes and tanning chemicals being possibly bad. :skull_crossbones:


This was discussed awhile back but I don’t think there was a definitive answer to if they are laser safe.
Maybe @dan can have the university test some Moleskine products or an independent lab since I can guess a lot of GF users will laser them and not even consider health issues.

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Moleskin has been PVC-free since 2012.


The problem is nobody has produced anything official that says that from the company itself.
If you can find that that would be great!

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Sorry, I’m on phone so just uploading a screen shot from the catalog. This screenshot is from the 2012 Moleskine catalog.


Well that is pretty solid evidence. I still wish I could find it on their website.
But maybe @dan will just try it out now and see?

I posted this in December, still have had no response from moleskin. But it was on the website.

wait are we suggesting @dan laser PVC and see if any of the glowforge staff start hacking up a lung from chlorine gas exposure?

maybe we can try something from this thread http://community.glowforge.com/t/how-to-determine-if-plastic-x-is-safe-to-use/648 first before asking @dan to do something dangerous?

Well maybe I’ll be engraving directly on the books.

I think I’ll be trying the embossing blocks, too, though.
Different effect, and pretty cool.

Also working on building journals with my papercrafting sister, and those leather covers may be embossed or engraved depending on the effect we’re after.

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I didn’t say stand right over it and inhale ;p

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They had a cool phone case (maybe it was a wallet, can’t remember) on display at the Faire. It was purple with something like a PCB/Circuit pattern on it. I hadn’t seen it before. Maybe @bailey knows if a pic exists. It was made from creating a stamp first, though.

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I don’t know the status of Moleskines - like others, it’s been hard to pin them down.

That embossing was done with a delrin engraving, if I remember correctly, and looks pretty cool! Unfortunately I don’t have a photo handy.

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I hope Glowforge can find the time to keep pressure on manufacturers like Moleskine, so we can get the straight dope. I expect they are much more likely to listen to another company than to we individuals.

I recently tried to find out if this cool flooring product is laser-safe:


It’s super thin, super tough, comes in a lot of colors… With skill… or a laser… you could make some very intricate designs. But when I asked about laser safety issues, they just said they had “no data.” Too bad.

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There is a link to their MSDS here. It mentions that thermal decomposition can yield hydrogen chloride, so my guess is a big NO in the laser.


Good find, thanks. I didn’t think to look for the MSDS. I’m not surprised about the answer.

good find on the flooring.

I’m trying to find a msds on the moleskin

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Here is what Moleskine.com customer service replied.

"Dear Seth,
Thank you for the interest demonstrated in our brand.

We kindly inform you that most of the covers of our collections are made from synthetic materials. More specifically, the hard covers are made in Polypropylene, while the soft covers are made in Polyurethane. Other collections are manufactured in cardboard and some special editions may even include materials such as fabric. We kindly remind you that our paper objects are produced in acid-free paper. For this reason their production is eco-friendly.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
Moleskine Customer Care"


Hmm. So does this mean laser safe? I, admittedly, do not have much knowledge about those materials. :slight_smile:


Both will be ok from a health perspective.


That’s good. :slight_smile: And we don’t know if its corrosive for the laser correct?