Leather Stitching Questions

Hey everyone, I have searched and read several posts relating to leather and have not found an answer to what I am looking for yet, so I apologize if this is a repeat.

I plan to make a leather collar and leash for my dog as I build up my adobe illustrator and glow forge skills. They both will be made of two pieces of leather that will be sewn and glued together(like long skinny belt.
Now when you do this manually you would run a stitch groover around the edge and then use a chisel or an awl to make the stitch holes after you glue the two pieces together. Is there any way to have the GF cut the stitch groove and put the holes in for the thread while cutting out the design?
I am sure there is I just have not been able to figure it out. I tried putting a red dashed line right on top of a black solid line in my design in Adobe but the GF doesn’t seem to be able to recognize dashed lines? I am thinking I could do a score for the Stitch Groove but was really hoping there was an easier way to get the holes for the stitches cut into the leather without having to line up 1000 little boxes around the edge of my design in adobe.

thanks for your help.

If you have the premium subscription there is a new feature - dashed lines for stitching leather. If you don’t have premium, you can convert the dashed lines to line segments. Lots of info here: Search results for 'dashed lines' - Glowforge Owners Forum


This reply in particular seems relevant for you, in a large topic discussing the issue.


I haven’t been around for some time, but it makes me smile every time I get a message that someone mentioned that post.


thank you!

awesome. thank you.

I don’t use a groove in the stitching line but I did figure out how to create stitching lines by creating the shape/path I want and using a size 6, lowercase letter ‘O’ with two spaces between each letter…then change the shape/path to a text path.

I had to do some testing first to find the right font and size lower case letter, etc. but it works really well.


that’s great, thank you.

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I dunno how I missed the Premium dashed line for leather feature, but man, that’s awesome. :flushed: So glad you mentioned it!


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