Stitching holes with pattern lines

Is there a way to eliminate some of the stitch holes so that the entire perimeter isnt lined by them?
I tried group/ungroup and the function didn’t seem to be available to ungroup a set or portion of the selected stitch holes.
thanks in advance

Delete them and create your own with the spacing you desire.

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so insightful , thanks

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You’re welcome!

Sometimes it’s hard to see past the obvious…

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Here’s a recent post covering it. There are dozens, if not hundreds, more like it. It’s a pretty common technique.


I have been creating the holes myself in Inkscape, but since Glowforge provided an actual tool, the question I have is how to make use of that. It seems a bit short-sighted to not allow editing, and it does a pretty crummy job at the corners.

One work around is to create lines in an external program and then pattern around them. I tested it with circles, Bezier curves, and solid shapes. Still no really good solution for corners, but it does do a really nice job at following curves with matching holes offset.

One caution, if you want separate lines around a single object you need to create them separately. I could not ungroup a square and only do two edges.

There is a “shape” to add that is a circle of dots, but so far the holes have been slightly too big. I tried to lowercase “o” is 6pt and that has worked pretty well, thanks @eflyguy for the share.

Does anyone know how to snap the circle to another circle I already have placed? Been struggling to get them lined up and even. I would also like to add my stitch line groove as an emboss layer, maybe, but haven’t tried that yet.

Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

The snapping tools are in the right-side margin. You can do mid-points, centers, edges, etc. Throw a couple of objects into the workspace and play with them to see what gives you the “snap” you need.

You can also use the alignment tool if it’s just a couple of objects. Every option under the sun.

The docs cover both in quite some detail.

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Sorry to be dense, but what are the docs?

And the snapping tools are in the right-side margin in the Glowforge platform? I am still figuring out which vector design program works for me, so I’ve just been trying to pull things together on the web based GF program.

Sorry, I assumed you were using Inkscape as it was mentioned above.

Inkscape documentation, which can be accessed thru the help menu. Other common design apps offer the same features.

Ok, thank you! I didn’t love Inkscape when I was first trying it with my Cricut machine. I have access to Illustrator, but that is pretty overwhelming. Try, try again. Thanks for your direction!

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