Leather tooling

I’ve searched around, but I’ve not been able to find anyone who has produced “tooling” marks on leather using the GF. I’m thinking something like this. I could figure out a pattern & experiment with engraving, but I’d like to save a little time if someone has already done it:


You mean engraved leather or actually making tooling punches?

I’m not sure it’s possible.

This thread shows how the surface of leather breaks apart when engraved. You can lightly mark it as a guide, but you can’t break through that skin to create any texture like a 3D engrave.

I’d love to be wrong, as I wanted to create the same thing, but I’ve never seen anyone posting leather work with texture created on the GF itself.


Directly no, you’d just get engraves which isn’t the same as tooling at all. Some people have reverse engraved embossing plates and tools though - if you start with @jae’s posts you’ll see some spectacular stuff.


Engraved leather

@rbtdanforth I know you did a bunch of heightmapped patterns in wood, did you ever try it in leather?

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Thanks! I didn’t see that one when I searched.

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Not to good effect, but I made one Logo stamp for a customer that worked well, and those would work pressured into leather as well as copper.

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