Hi, all. Anyone here have any experience with a material called Leathersoft? I’m looking into engraving a bible available from Barnes & Noble . I cannot find any MSDS for it. I did find an MSDS for “Leather Soft” but not “Leathersoft.” If anyone knows anything about this and whether or not it is safe to engrave and has setting suggestions, would you mind sharing your knowledge? Thanks so much in advance! :slight_smile:

LeatherSoft is just bonded leather with polyurethane. There are other names for it and some are better than others. LeatherSoft is better than the cheaper ones but doesn’t really last much longer in the long term.

Any idea if it’s safe to engrave then? I’m thinking it is okay. And maybe try the TruTone or leatherette settings? Thanks!

Polyurethane is safe to cut for the machine but cyanide is a result so you want to not have to breathe any smoke.

Thank you!!!

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