LED Address Sign Control Box_ Follow Up

Here is the control box for my LED sign which the sign changes colors depending on the temperature. It’s controlled by an Real-Time Clock (RTC). It has a LCD that shows the time, temperature and when the sign (LED sign) is active. The enclosure is made with medium frost acrylic. the green wall shelf is 3D printed.





Such a cool/hot idea!


I love the Doc Brown look of the control box! And the sign looks great!


Very nice finishing touch. The frosted works great for that application! :sunglasses:


Sweet! The pizza delivery person will love it!

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LOL thanks.

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We’ve actually had food delivery people comment on how much they appreciate our house numbers.

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Without looking … I’m sure you have! They were amazing!

Edit … Ok … had to go look to make sure they were the ones I remembered. Used to read without being signed in when on the tablet. So, no like or comment on it.

Had to go back through that entire post … so, many cool projects.

Emergency responders will too. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be on an ambulance responding to a call and unable to figure out which house has your heart attack patient in it.

Our town has a statute that requires house numbers to be prominently mounted on the residence. But we also have 1 acre zoning and not a lot of street lights so houses are usually set back from the road and dark numbers might as well not be there. So I have them on the house but also on the mailbox at the street and those are lighted.

Condo complexes are a horror show for finding a unit at 2am :roll_eyes:


If your house numbers look like a reCAPTCHA test… you might have a problem.


what is ‘reCAPTCHA test’?

It’s what lasered text looks like with too much power and an incorrect focus.

Kidding, it’s those silly script letters one must try to decipher on some bank pages or ordering sites to keep bots out.

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Looks like it is time to learn Arduino…


That’s always true. There are so many great things you can do with an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi.