LED Backlighting

The conversation sparked earlier about lighting, and I had mentioned the use of LEDs to replicate/imitate water shimmer. I also said that I have a lack of programming skill, but work with other tinker-ers and wanted to share a project that will be incorporated soon at my new dwelling :smiley:

Well then. Turns out if you walk away, this auto posts, or posted from my phone… not sure which. Still struggling with extreme firewalls to get the videos up, and not sure how to delete this until I get home…


Edit: videos have been added, remotely, via phone… horribly… but, you’ll get the idea. Basically, he has created a backlight that is dependent on the coloration of the screen. That way, there is ambient color that is responsive to the picture. Very cool when watching movies or playing games in a dark room. Figured this tech could easily be converted for something like a water simulation lighting project.





Sorry for all the updates. Noob at cross-post creation.


Don’t apologize results are fantastic. Love the lights behind the screen that’s awesome


Not quite on topic but the second video with diffusion over the matrix LEDs made me think of this. Pool noodles are awesome for diffusion - particularly if you can find them in white.

I was playing with some LEDs in my gallery space. This is what the bare LEDs looked like:

This is one of those LED strips in the waterproof sleeve. Cutting a pool noodle in half and hot gluing it over the LEDs produced this:


Love the effect of the lights! Would have though lights behind a monitor would be distracting, but that implementation is beautiful.


Thats an amazing result, I would have never thought a pool noodle would let so much light through, they seem so dense.


Really cool, I have a phone app that lets me do this with my phillips hue lights in my room. It uses the phone camera to average the color and changes the color of all the lights in the room. Super immersive.


I love how this turned out.

I would have thought this would have been distracting, putting color changing lights behind a monitor, if I had just heard about it…

But I watched the monitor video for the first time without even knowing that the lights behind the monitor were changing. I really love the result! :grin:


The result is even better when you have a solid backdrop. The video above has the oak cabinet, which can be a bit distracting, but if you are staring at a screen like I most often am, sometimes, it doesn’t really matter. Either way, the lighting makes for a much more immersive experience, even if you don’t directly notice it. Very much like sounds in a movie.


I’ve always wanted dynamic bias lighting for the TV. You can get generic, staic white anywhere, but wow!


Yeah, I had seen it come with tvs before, but it was always a single color, never anything dynamic. Like I said, this was a project that a friend of mine is working on, not something I have done yet, but we trade off services. He’s a programmer, I’m a builder. Seems to work out in both of our favors.


neat, there are some great open-source projects out there inspired by phillips ambilight. tv bias lighting makes such a big impact.


I was surprised how much it increases the sense of being there, a forward thinking tv maker should begin including software to connect to a homes lighting and control it based on whats playing.

phillips supports it with their tv and hue lineup: