LED Circuit Board - Camera not working


I am just letting you know that a standard error these printers have is the LED Circuit board going out in the back of the Glowforge.

I reached out to Glowforge customer service and the only fix to my $7,155.23 printer is another fee of $1651 plus any applicable tax. The only option is to pay for a refurbished version on my originally new Glowforge Pro.

I am on multiple forums where other customers have had this part shipped to them for a whopping $22 but for some reason this option is only if you seem to contest their company’s core value which is unfortunate. If I would have known I would have to replace a whole printer 3 years later, I would have put my investment in another printer. I was a big glowforge positive reviewer until I realized I would become a victim to these prices. The company seems to have no remorse for part replacements for their customers. I was in line to purchase my second glowforge pro but this news definitely changed my view on this company and their overall customer service to their customers. Not only do I have no operational laser printer, I have to shutdown my business and take a $7.5k loss or be forced to pay $2k more for a refurbished version on my glowforge.

This average total of a machine I bought in 2021, will be $8,806 + .

Please review what I have said before going down this slope at the 3/4 year mark of this printer.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having these problems. Although we can sympathize with you here, we’re all just owners like yourself, so your words to us will bring no resolve. If there’s something that many years of experience can help, this is an excellent place to start. Is there something we can help with?


Business expense.

Either figure out the correct wording to use in a complaint letter to Glowforge, or bite the bullet and pay the ransom (replacement fee). If you’re running a business and doing your taxes correctly, the replacement is an equipment maintenance expense and therefore deductible.


The little circuit board that you fried is what manages everything that is on the lid including the LED lights and Lid camera


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