LED Lighted Yard Signs

I’m a long-time dabbler with my Glowforge, but this is my first post.

I had a wrought iron sign holder for the yard that I put out annually with a Christmas sign. Last Christmas I started to think about making some signs with my Glowforge for the different seasons/holidays. Since I had some lighted bricks in the sidewalk I thought that I might tap that circuit and make it a lighted sign as well.

I made a black acrylic holder with led lights installed that would allow the signs to be interchangeable. The holder was made from four layers of acrylic that were super glued together to created a groove for the leds.

Now I need to start on an American Flag for July 4th.

Made another yard sign for the 4th of July. I had a little problem that I didn’t notice when I combined the stars in Inskscape - one of the stars was dropped off. Sorry Hawaii. I’ve corrected it, but not before I made the sign. I spray painted the etched areas.

Here is my Christmas Santa sign. I downloaded and edited several of the free graphics included with Premium. The picture doesn’t show it very well, but each bulb in the string of lights at the top has a colored LED glued to the back.

Added a couple more yard signs for Christmas and Valentine’s day.


This is a wonderful idea!


I love it!!! Very creative!!!


Excellent! :star_struck:
Oh, and welcome to the community, we have been waiting for you. The community is stronger with more participants, we’re glad you finally arrived!

What a great idea! The edge-lit acrylic is a real attention-getter.


Very cool! I love how it looks outside in the dark…


Welcome to the forum. Terrific project!


So happy to have you on the forum! What a wonderful idea! It looks great!


Hmmmm… I have 12 volts out there. it is AC, but hey a bridge rectifier will fix that up quick like.

nicely done.


The rectifier is exactly what I did. Found an outdoor\waterproff one on Amazon for $20.


Did you have to use a capacitor with your bridge rectifier?

No capacitor needed. Here is the link on Amazon to the rectifier I used. Amazon


What kind of paint did you use on your flag.

Just your standard Rustoleum spray paint. I left the masking on the back and covered areas that weren’t being painted.

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