LED lights all out after changing black lid cable

black lid cable has gone out a second time in 8 months. Just changed it 3 months ago. Thank GOD i ordered an extra. however, this time when I replaced the cable the interior lid LED’s will not come on at all. also had a burning smell when i first switched it on. Now miracuously the GF still lasers and is working so far. But I have to use photo lamps pointing inside in order to get it to scan and center on startup. I’m a wee bit frustrated.

I would check the ribbon to see if a pin was bent, Too late if the Magic Smoke escaped already, and would plan for a return. Mine struggled along for a couple months by adding an external exhaust fan after the original died but a flight to the mother-ship while still in warranty would be a good idea


I see you have already reached out by email to us about this as well. I have followed up with your next steps there, so I am going to close this thread.