LED lit house address questions

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Anyone know of a source for LED Standoffs or edge mounts which are rated for exterior use? I am thinking of a project to create my house address numbers in a dark opaque acrylic (would this be weather-safe enough?) mounted on a clear or frosted acrylic backing which is edge-lit by LED’s (possibly powered by one of those light-sensing solar charger switches?).

Comments or suggestions on this idea are welcomed and encouraged! Thanks!


I don’t know how I missed your original post, but I did and I’m so glad you followed up here.

But not altruistically (sorry). I don’t know the answer to your question but am VERY interested in any answers. Thanks for the great question!

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Clear acrylic itself usually does pretty well on the weather resistance front. However, depending on the colorant used the color may fade. Though with a laser cutter you could make it again whenever they look like they need replacing. Some acrylics also have additives to improve UV resistance of the color.

Don’t know on the outdoor standoffs.

Don’t know the answer but have no doubt you’ll solve it, and I can’t wait to see the end result. I think it would be great!

I thought one of the inherent properties of acrylic was that it was almost completely UV-stable?

That’s such a great idea, people can never find my house on the first try even in daylight! Just thinking how I might go about this, having no experience whatsoever, I think I would start with an existing outdoor lighting product, something like the link attached, and figure out if I could switch out the existing lamp design for a box with my house numbers on it.


Yes! Those are the kinds of solar lights I was thinking of. Some sort of hack to feed the power of these out to drive LED standoffs or edge-lit panels.

You might want to look at this too.



Found this hack which does pretty much what I want except he is using etched numbers to glow. I think I will need a frosted backing to make the entire background glow, with the opaque numerals on top of that.


Oooh! Very nice!

I’m planning on doing something similar. My plan is to use floating metal numbers and back lighting them with some solar lights.

AWESOME! I already took one of those garden lights apart! I was planning figuring something out with them, but this works better!

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Seems like I recall @karaelena doing his house numbers.

I had decided not to post this because it’s not very interesting, but I guess it’s apropos here. I’m in the middle of a project to make house numbers, myself. The first step is a bunch of prototypes so we can decide what style to go with. This one is called fricking huge. The pizza guy can’t miss us now.

The numbers are just draftboard, spraypainted. Stuck up with fun tack. We decided to go with something a bit smaller, which I’m still working on.

I’d love to do an illuminated sign, but getting power there is a challenge. I’m going to have to research this solar stuff.

This is one of those times when I love having a laser cutter at home. One of the neighbors already asked where we bought these and wants his own set.


You could just add some http://www.acrilex.com/product/acriglo-green-ultra-glow-in-the-dark-acrylic-sheet/ behind and add a “black” light directed to it.


Holy cannoli - glow in the dark acrylic! I have to order some!!


I’m falling down the rabbit hole of choosing a font. May I ask which font you used here?

Yes, my understanding as well, but you can ruin that by adding stuff to the acrylic for other purposes (like color).

It looks similar to Helvetica.

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Yes, all glory to Helvetica.

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Every project with text presents me with this problem. So much so I’m considering, reconsidering any snide thoughts I’ve ever had about font geeks. I hate comeuppance when it’s me.

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