LED Standoffs



Not sure if these LED Standoffs have been shared before. One of my first big projects for my GF will be an LED kinetic acrylic sculpture that’s been brewing in my head for months. I just love the subtle light of the led signs and these standoffs make for a really sleek lighting system. Thought I’d share in case someone else finds them inspirational :slight_smile: (Edited to add the cool signs are not mine, just examples from the website.)

Even the non-led standoffs are cool

Bolts/screws for floating/raised surfaces?
LED lit house address questions

I can definitely see these in my future, thanx


Those are brilliant!


er, no pun intended


That’s a glowing response! (Pun totally intended :stuck_out_tongue: )


Ohmygosh, I’ve got to have some of these. Thanks for sharing!


Wow what a great idea! How much do they cost?


Thanks for that. They are awesome.


Double pun!

They seem pretty reluctant to publish their pricing and it looks like they may only sell to wholesalers. :frowning:

Maybe a plucky startup might add them to their catalog. :slight_smile:

I managed to dig these up… (~$15 each, but out of stock everywhere)


Those a re impressive!. :thumbsup::thumbsup: Thanks for the link and sharing of your creations.


Wow, that means for a basic sign, you have to add $60 for the LEDs, before you even did any work…


Yeah, that’s pretty steep!

On the other hand, that part would either require a lathe with live tooling (bling bling!) or a secondary operation on a mill, which means more labor. Plus the PCB with side firing LEDs has to be made. I hear PCBs are cheap, but I don’t know how cheap. $2 maybe?


Probably do t necessarily need 4 for a sign, but unless they offer some plain stand offs it is either going to look funny, or we have to use 4…if wholesale gets a decent volume discount, might be something good for the GF shop to carry as an add on item to acrylic proof grade material.

They look great and it’s a fantastic idea


Plain standoffs to match are easy to find. About a buck a piece.


A bit of Google-fu led me to these which only cost $6.50 each (in larger quantities). Perhaps they could be resold via the Glowforge catalog?


Very cool!


I’ve purchased several of these from outwater ( and I went to there store in Phoenix), if you can get their catalog they have some very neat stuff and prices are not too bad. (A lot of led ideas)


Great to hear someone here has purchased from them.


You would probably only want one of these per sign (with matching regular standoffs) unless, say, you wanted to be able to tune the sign color on the fly.


Trouble with these is hiding the wires. We so badly need wireless light bulbs