LED Location


I freely admit I could be insane. But…

Weren’t the LED strips on the inside of the Glowforge (not the lid)?!?!
I would SWEAR the LEDs didn’t move when I lifted the lid on my former unit. Because it looks totally weird to me every time I open and close the lid.


Lol, they have been on the lid since the early prototypes.


LOL! Okay, fine. But then are they doing a new thing where the lights change intensity when the lid is opened versus closed?


Yeah, Dan announced it tonight:


LOL! Okay. Thanks! So I’m not as crazy as some might think I am! THANKS!!!


I don’t think this is any indication of your mental health, only that you are currently seeing what you think you are.


Eh. Maybe. Or maybe @Jules is humoring me. You know, as to not upset the crazy.


There, there…it really did happen. I see the dim lights too. :wink: :smile:


If you think this is bad, just wait until they suddenly push a firmware update that starts flashing the lights when the job is complete, and no one says anything.

People. Will. Lose. Their. Minds.


Didn’t they once advertise that the Forge would snap a photo of you holding your latest creation every time you open the lid?


It is my opinion that the camera should cease functioning as soon as the lid is opened by any degree. Otherwise some scary stuff is going to be sent over the internet lol


what, doesn’t everybody laser cut in the nude?


And there shouldn’t even be a manual control for it.
Although with a crazy fisheye maybe I’d look better. :wink:


It will be out of focus, so no worries.


Anyone have a video of the new LED settings in action?


Ive seen the lid cam pictures theyve taken before, and they seemed to be pretty clear! I think they posted one of bailey with something she made about a year ago or so. Its a cool idea, but I know Ive run in to the workshop in a non-photogenic state quite often and had the camera flash go off as I was lifting the lid hahaha. I just laughed and said to myself ‘I hope they dont screen/archive all these images’

It would be along the lines of those people who post pictures of reflective items on ebay that showed way more than they intended (or maybe not =P) haha.


The company’s collection would make an interesting collage.
“OMG! We put this tool in the hands of these people?!”