Print in warmer rooms; dramatic lights (Latest Improvements)


LED Location

Thank you. Progress is always good.


WoooHoooooo! Thanks you guys! :grinning:


Looking forward to reading all the details! Don’t skimp on the particulars, we want to know everything! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks, that helps some of us breathe a little bit easier


They are still feeling this out, and using us to help them find the way. So glad to be a part of this.


I would like to be part of this, but I don’t have a Glowforge.:disappointed_relieved:


Thanks @dan. Can’t wait to see the lights. :smile:


Im liking the pace (and content!) of these updates! Keep em coming!

Fan control soon I’m hoping?


BTW, if…by chance… you shipped a unit to…oh I don’t know… Florida or something… the warm temp testing might go faster.

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Must go check this out now, because you can never have too much drama, right?


Yay. This seemed to have corrected my issues. Love the dimming effect.

I hope off when idle is in the works too.


Love the light dimming…it’s

very dramatic!


I do not care how many times I see that, it is still funny. thanks.


Just getting off work, can’t wait to get home and boot up and see the dramatic lights.


It’s even more dramatic when you didn’t read this thread and all night you kinda go “What the hell! I swear the lights are being weird!” :slight_smile:


Yep, same here. I thought something had gone wrong with my lights!



I liked the brighter lights with the open lid, helps for taking photos! :slight_smile:


Pshaw… send it to me in Australia if you want some real warm-weather testing!


Now, with keyboard, a bit of extra detail for the curious:

We continuously monitor the coolant to be sure your Glowforge operates in peak condition. If your coolant was to get too hot, print quality would suffer, and it could cause damage to your Glowforge. To prevent that, we pause printing briefly when the coolant gets warm to chill it, then continue. The problem comes from a second feature we added: if it’s too warm, we don’t even start the print. Our software for this was too conservative, preventing your Glowforge from starting prints even when it would be fine to do so (even though it might need to cool during the print).

Now, it will always try to start the print. If it’s warm, it will run the fans at the start of the print, and tell you that it’s cooling right away.