LED Neon Signs

The GF recently saw something similar on IG and wants to make them now. I feel like I’ve figured the design out properly but evertime I upload the design it treats it like a bitmap regardless of what format—PDF/SVG— it’s uploaded in.

Any suggestions??

The file format isn’t what determines if an element in the file is a raster (aka bitmap) image, each image you import into a PDF/SVG is an embedded object. If you import a raster (like a JPG, PNG, etc) it’s still a raster until you take further steps, even though it’s inside SVG/PDF.

You’ll need to convert your designs to vectors at some point. There are a lot of ways to do that, we could take guesses but that’s a little inefficient – If you tell us how you’re doing it so far I’m sure we’ll figure out specifically how to help you out.

In the meantime, if you want to try to figure it out yourself, the trick is usually called “tracing” in Inkscape or AI, but again, without knowing how you’re doing this so far it’s hard to give you specifics.


I have it designed in photoshop. I export from photoshop as an SVG. I got it to work right once and since then it hasn’t.

Currently the file has the outline on one layer and the text to be engraved on a different layer. I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube but just can’t figure out why it keeps saying my SVG files are bitmaps.

I also don’t know what raster means

Yeah so I’m not super deep on how to convert raster (bitmap) images to vector within photoshop, a little googling is where I’d start. A quick google “raster to vector photoshop” yields:

It’s a place to start until someone who is more proficient in photoshop than I am comes along. :slight_smile:

Good luck, I’ll be curious to see how it turns out!


thanks for the tip. Im gonna keep working at it and hopefully I can get it squared away this weekend.

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It’s kinda possible, but really not a great experience to work with vectors in Photoshop. Do you have the whole Arobe Suite? If so then Illustrator is much better and fantastic for GF work.

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Don’t wanna buy any more adobe subscriptions. Another other suggested Apps??

I’ve been using Affinity Designer for about the past 4 1/2 years. For Windows and Mac. I use the Mac version and it’s really affordable in the app store…no subscription.


If not Ilustrator a lot folks around here seem to enjoy Inkscape and Affinity designer.
Of the two, I think Affinity has a much nicer interface but Inkscape is more full featured.


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