LED strip burned out

Hey gang,

Just noticed that 3 of my LED’s on the right side of my glass lid have burned out, they are still on, but at about 10% of what they were. The other LEDs are fine.

Anyone else have this issue?

Be prepared for the black cable replacement in your near future.

A cable issue would affect the entire strip. There’s only one power connection.

Hi @au.eric - Thanks for letting us know about your light trouble, sorry for the unpleasant surprise.

The good news is I extracted the logs from your Glowforge and don’t see anything that makes me concerned there may be a cabling issue involved. With that in mind, if all the other LEDs except these 3 are still working it likely won’t impact the performance of your printer.

Please do let us know though if your printer does start to have more problems, like trouble centering, or you notice that more and more of the LEDs are no longer working and we’ll make sure to get the issue addressed.

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Hi @au.eric - Just following up to let you know I’m going to go ahead and close this topic. Please feel free to create a new topic or reach out to us via support@glowforge.com if you need any further assistance.