Legends of Elsewhere - Ms Frizzle / The Magic School Bus

So, my little one brought home his first Scholastic book flyer from school the other day, and nothing to me really embodies the feeling of back to school and book fairs quite like Ms Frizzle and The Magic School Bus!

Unfortunately, my GF glitched not once, but twice, and tried to close paths that didn’t need closed. Not the first time, probably won’t be last the time. It happens. S,o she is on the list to remake more perfectly at a later date. I just didn’t have time to re-print her this morning and I really wanted to color something, so I did it anyway.

Thanks for stopping by, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


This brings back fond memories! Very nicely done!

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Fond memories indeed.


I just really love your coloring!


:heart: :heart: :heart:

and FYI, even after reading your comment about the 2 glitches it took some time to find them! The one on her face (which you’d think would be the most obvious) really looks like it’s part of her nose :slight_smile:


Your stuff is just remarkable! Love it!


I love the colors!

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I love this!!! So beautifully painted! Kudos!

Another great design, and one your son will remember as well. I remember those days of ordering books, from both my school days and my kids’. :open_book:

This may be my favorite one yet! That show was a big part of my childhood lol

This is lovely. What medium did you use to color it?

Beautiful piece!

Open paths have to be closed for engraving, so it’s not really a “glitch,” it’s the software doing its best to correct an error in the artwork. Easiest workaround is just to rasterize the artwork, since you’re engraving it anyway. :slight_smile: