Lego all the things

Lego-compatible adhesive tape might soon be a thing.
Looks like they are a 9,751% of the funding goal, with a month left.
Considering it.


Tape is cool.
I just got an email from my g-scale model train supplier with this
Building Block Set.
I had my eye on a flat car; but was thinking I may just cannibalize existing rolling stock with Lego building plates for the same effect.
But an engine, too… well. It’s still a lot of money.
I like the tape. I would be interested to see how well it works.

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I don’t know g-scale…
For many years growing up I had an HO scale railroad that took up a third of my bedroom.

My best friend had relatives in Germany who sent him Lego for every gift occasion.
He had both of these train sets and the space monorail. I was mad jelly.


@cmreeder Did you go to the Hostlers Model Train Convention in Ogden that first weekend in March? They had serious a Lego train display put on by the Utah Lego Users Club. I wish I had taken a better close up picture of the actual track.


OMG I had the 6990 I must have rebuild that 100 times


Always wanted a Lego train but they were just to much.

I know I’ll be investigating making Lego surfaces with the laser.


I had a friend with the space monorail too! I was a little too late to that party, but I had every “Blacktron” and “M-Tron” space set!


My wife was just talking about this tape as well. Supposed to start shipping right before our son’s birthday, so she was already thinking that’d be a great gift.

Also, we might go to Brick Fest since it’s only 15 minutes from us. Could be a good time. We went and saw The Art Of The Brick exhibit in 2015. AMAZING display. The guy’s a true artist. Wonder how he’ll use this tape.

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Captain Awesome (My better half) is obsessed with Lego, I backed this right away!


Why do I feel the makers of the tape are having a Glowforge style “oups, sold a tad more then predicted” moment.

I had that same thought.
Although it seems to be a slightly less complicated product to manufacture and ship.


Just had a co-worker say “My son’s too old for Legos, of course.” I said “Damn! I’m in my 40’s and I work with them. How the hell old is your son?!”



I want to back this… I’m trying so hard to be good though. It seems like a gimmick that I wouldn’t use much… but that didn’t stop me from buying a Lego light switch cover! Argh!

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My first thought was "Um, just stick real lego plates to stuff with one of any number of adhesives."
Then I thought, “No, I am not putting glue on my lego blocks. I destroyed enough of them with ‘modifications’ when I was a younger.” (How else are you going to get a lego spear properly through a lego torso?)
It seems like the best use of the tape product might be spots like vehicle dashboards or along the top of computer monitors.


Grrr… not helping me resist very much! :wink:

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Well… Try reading the comments on the video on youtube. I wish I hadn’t. You may get annoyed enough with people in general that you won’t want the product anymore.

I didn’t know about it. I am just getting into trains on my own account; my mom broke up her collection among my brothers and me. We each got a really good start, but not quite a full working set.
Are you on the GF map, @Tuck? You on Utah, too?

And back to the topic, my cousin had all the monorail sets. Spent hours with that.

After cleanup, I throw away all toys left out… except Lego. They are somehow exempt from the irresponsible behavior of their owners.

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I had not even thought of that. Mind blown! To-do list just got longer. :smile:

I wonder what’d be cheaper… lasering away enough material to create a LEGO®-compatible surface or… buying a set of LEGOs.

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