Lego Batman Cosplay

I’m part of a cosplay group and we had a convention coming up. So I figured to do some thing fun that kids could enjoy and settled on Lego Batman. I used a laser cutter at the University by my house to cut the patterns out. Then assembled them at home. It was a huge success and everyone loved it


Epic, I love the bat girl.


Yea this was my favorite picture of the weekend.


Love it! quick question, how did you get your legs in? I’m assuming the picture is pre-leg-hole-cut? And Batgirl is epic!

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Yup I cut the holes almost at the end of the build. I had a decent idea of what I wanted to do but kept putting it off. Thankfully the plan worked out. Basically I cut just enough on the side and top to slide my leg in. It fit well enough I didn’t have to bother with strapping it to my leg.


This is so great! The last picture just warms my heart.

:stuck_out_tongue: everything is awesome!!

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