Lens head falls out

the lens head keeps falling out and my prints arent aligned. the magnetic piece on my lens remover is broken. is there a way to fix this issue so i can continue to cut?

You don’t need the lens removal tool. It has nothing to do with printing.

Remove the top of the printhead and gently remove the mirror. Using a qtip, push the lens down and out of the printhead. Make sure to catch the lens or have it land on something soft. Closely inspect the lens. Is there any magnetic debris on the edge (like bits remaining from the removal tool)? Clean the lens and gently insert it back into the printhead cup side up. Does it snap into the printhead. I am not sure what you mean by the lens head. There is a lens, and there is a printhead. If the lens is falling out of the printhead, it either wasn’t inserted properly or you have something wrong inside the printhead.

Can you take a close up photo of the inside of the printhead.

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I did everything you mentioned. The lens is not staying in place during the cut inside the printer head. I cleaned it, i replaced it but it keeps sliding down. Its not staying put

pictures pictures pictures. Hard to visualize what you are describing. Show the bottom of the printhead, show what you mean that it has fallen out, a picture of the lens itself…

The lens has a steel band, it is not magnetic. If your head will no longer hold it in place while printing, you likely will need to obtain a new head assembly.

It’s not supposed to stay put. The platform it attaches to floats, and is moved up and down up to 1/2" by a motor in the print head. That’s how the Glowforge focuses the laser on material between 0" and 1/2" above the crumb tray. The very first thing your Glowforge does after you turn it on is “focusing…” when it moves the lens up and down through that full range of motion several times to calibrate the mechanism. It is totally normal for the lens to not be “all the way in” after you’ve used the machine.


If the lens is falling out, you have a problem. If it is moving inside the printhead, that is normal.


Oh i didnt know that. Then the cut isn’t aligned because of something else i guess!

Thank you. I cleaned the machine today maybe i need to tighten the belts. For some reason, my cuts are uneven

and of course, make sure the lens is facing the right way when you put it back into the head… cup side/arrow up

Read through this for information about distorted prints.https://support.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/4401913883547-Print-is-Distorted


Closely inspect all of the wheels for cracks. Check the rails for debris, and take a close look at the belt tension.


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