Lens installer and remover missing please help

Currently misplaced my lens remover tool ordered another one however need to remove and clean my lens now for projects I need to complete by tonight. Very urgent and wondering is there anything such as a magnet or something I can use for the time being to remove this lens and clean it for now ?

I would NOT try to do that. The lens is pretty delicate. If you can, try to find someone close to you that has a GF and borrow theirs. If you mess it up trying to remove it otherwise you’ll be waiting even longer while you order a new lens.


Thanks wish I had others close by with the machine. Tons of last minute Christmas orders b placed so quite flustered.

If you want to risk it, you could remove the mirror from above, then VERY GENTLY dislodge the lens using Q-tip soaked in alcohol, dropping it onto a soft towel or similar. You can re-install it by sliding it down from “above” with the head held upside down - but not vertical, at an angle so that the lens slides down gently.

GF will obviously not warranty anything you break this way.

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THANK GOODNESS! I was able to find the tool. I will keep this in a safebox for now on, thank you all that replied to assist in this



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