Lens keeps cracking

So I just bought a replacement lens, used it once and it’s cracked. I noticed my original lens was black with a big crack while cleaning it. The spot the lens sits in keeps sliding back. I’m not sure how to fix this but I’m so frustrated. Anyone have this issue?

Is your air assist fan working? Its under the gantry on the back of the plate the laser head sits on.
Here is a link to how to clean and inspect it.

Your sensors looks odd as well. Is it just a lighting thing or are they actually that black?
(stock photo from the help page might be outdated.)

Can’t help with the lens issue, but I suggest a Zeiss to those sensor windows.

I now clean my lens daily. A little speck of dust on there can make it very hot.

I agree with the earlier comment, clean both fans - the little one in the head and the larger one at the back of the carriage.

Make sure you use lens wipes- not anything else to clean the lens.

When you put the lens back in, it should just drop into position - I never use the blue tool for putting it in. The lens will move back and forwards to focus. You can push it in with the blue tool and you will feel a little resistance - that is entirely normal.

Are you sure that is a crack and not just much on the lens - it’s hard to tell on the photos

And as @primal_healer says - your sensor windows look very black - but that might just be the photos.

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Looks like you’ve had a fire. The pics posted by primal_healer show what your head should look like. I’ve had my machine three years and it still looks the same. I’ve cleaned it less than a dozen times.

okay thank you i will try that. and yes they are that black. i cleaned them completely and used it once and it turned that black again.

I’m sorry for the trouble with your lens. It looks like you’ve emailed us about this, and we’ve sent you a response with next steps there, so I’m going to close this thread.