Lens removal tool missing magnet

I went to use my lens removal tool today, and the magnet ring is missing. I’ve used it a grand total of once before, but I know there was a magnet on there.

I was very careful with it, putting it back in the bag it came in. Maybe it is stuck to the lens?

In any case, I am unable to clean my lens. Can GF send me a replacement please? It doesn’t seem like the magnet should just come off like that.

I never got one with my PRU so don’t panic. With the head someplace safe remove the top and remove the mirror, then carefully push the lens out the bottom with a Q-tip. If perchance your magnet is there you can now recover it. If not, well, you can still clean your lens.


Ok, three questions:

  1. Will this void my warranty
  2. Is it possible this could make the mirror out of alignment
  3. If the magnet is there, what would be the best way to affix it so that this doesn’t happen again?

I’ll bet it is stuck on the lens.

If not, they have the tool in the store under the spare parts section. I think it was around $15.


Confirmed. In the store, $15 :+1:

They are out of stock in the store.

Ok, I confirmed it was stuck to the lens and I got the lens and the magnet out by using a small map magnet wrapped in several layers of gauze to protect from damaging the lens.

GF - you need to tweak the design on these things a bit so this doesn’t happen.

Thanks to everyone who replied with suggestions.


Received my lens removal tool a couple months ago. The magnet ring came in a separate baggie from the tool. I had to assemble the two pieces. The ring was very, very difficult to press onto the magnet. No way it could come off. Yours was obviously different. The fit must vary.


I would super glue it back on. This is the second occurrence I’m aware of out of all of them, so it’s an anomaly and infrequent.

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Also when we re-insert the lens, we’re supposed to use the non-magnetic side to put it back in…instructions with pictures below in case folks can’t find them. (In the GFUI App: Support > Cleaning, Service and Moving)


Yes, I’m aware of how it works, Jules…

Other people reading the post might not be. :grinning:


I think they are aware, or would be the first time they tried it - because it’s not possible to re-insert the lens with the tool around the wrong way; the lens will continue to stick to the magnet.

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If you know what you’re doing that’s great, but a lot of other people seem to be having trouble finding their way around the site and finding the information they need to get started. It’s nothing personal when I post directions on how to find things…it’s done with the intent of helping other readers who search for answers before asking questions. A lot of them do. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was happy to read her post to better understand the issue since I don’t yet have my :glowforge:.


I wouldn’t think so either, but it’s important that we don’t let our preconceived notions color our expectations for the Glowforge.

Please don’t mistake my post. I am not criticizing you at all. In fact I’ve gotten tremendous value of of many of your posts here, and really appreciate that you take time to help others.

My point was just that you can’t really use the tool backwards because it won’t let the lens go if you stick it in wrong way round. In my case the magnet must have come off when I removed the lens from the tool. So if your going to offer advice, advise that they check the lens before reinserting it to make sure this hasn’t happened.

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Oh, gotcha. I’ve only used it once…we didn’t get them with the PRUs and I had to buy one to try it out. Folks will pick that up reading the thread, so it’s all good. :slightly_smiling_face:


For those that don’t have and can’t get the removal device due to stock issues, here is what I used as a substitute. The object on the left is the same type of map magnet as the object on the right. I have wrapped it in a few layers of Pec Pads, because that’s what I had on hand, but any sort of padding should be sufficient. I affixed the pec pads with one of the elastic bands that are used for dental braces. A rubber band should work as an alternate.The magnets are some map magnets I purchased on Amazon. I was planning on using them to hold down material, but they are too tall and the magnets are too weak.


Ha! Very similar to my homemade removal tool!