Lens Tool Magnet Arrived with metal cracked

Dear Glowforge,

Your customer support on shipping the lens magnet tool is abysmal and unacceptable.

#1 the shipping cost $25!!! and the tool was only $15. I’d rather the cost be reversed.
#2 the packaging was a simple bubble wrapped envelope.
#3 the metal ring was broken and in 3 parts.

I’ll also email support and determine a resolution but posting here in the Community in case it happened to someone else.

Extremely disappointed…


Glowforge support does not monitor the forum. You can call support on Monday. Also, the lens removal tool is totally not necessary. I haven’t used mine in years


You can make your own!


Yup, the shipping is pretty bad. I only order when I know I’m getting enough to get it for free. Of course that’s true of a lot of sites, even Amazon unless you pay the yearly membership cost.

They’ll definitely fix you up when you call (or email).


Hey Tim,

The printable replacement @evansd2 linked above is better in every respect AND you’ll have some nice magnets left over! It’s a very handy size and shape.


It would cost me $97.70 for that same thing to ship to Canada.


It may be broken, but it’s still magnetic. I’d just super glue the two pieces back on the handle, it should work fine.
Support will probably replace that for you but in the meantime…

That said, the roll-your-own mentioned above is superior.


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