Lens Tool Magnet Cracked

I read through the forums and noticed this issue clear back in 2018, yet GF hasn’t addressed the problem.

Even worse is that I ordered a spare and it came cracked. :frowning: GF is aware of the issue as support has replied to messages about it. The replacement I ordered and several PG materials arrived in a zip-lock style bag running loose, with no protection.

A bit of bubble wrap might have helped.

Not sure there’s a “problem”… had mine since 2017, no issues. I can only recall a handful of cases where people have reported them as broken, and usually because they dropped them. With over 100,000 machines out there, you’d expect to hear about it a little more often if it was an issue.


I know it’s not ideal to have to repair new stuff but a couple drops of crazy glue will stick the magnet back on just the way it was supposed to be.

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Yes, I know. But having purchased one only to arrive broken is ridiculous.

GF should work on how they are shipped and protect the lens tool. If it is so fragile that it breaks during shipping, there is an issue.

GF has known the magnets were very fragile since 2018 and how hard it would be to bubble wrap them.


GF doesn’t do any of their own shipping, and likely has no control over how the fulfillment company packages orders either. Their only recourse would be to move to a new fulfillment company, which would be a six figure, months-long process with no guarantee of improvement. It’s already a different company than they used in 2018, so they’ve already made the switch at least once without eliminating broken lens tools.

Less than ten reports of this here in over 4 years, 100,000 machines.

A disaster. Class action definitely deserved…

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Thank you for your genuinely helpful non-sarcastic response.


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