Lens tool replacement shipping

Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how long it took them to get a new lens tool when you ordered one. I went to get mine out the to clean my lens and the magnet was broken in pieces. I ordered a new one on Oct. 20th and still have not received it. I had ordered PG materials the same day but at a later time that day and had that within a few days. I have contacted support twice to find out the status on my new lens tool and I’ve been told they are looking into it and have no updates to give me on my order. So I was just wondering how long it took you all to get a new one when you ordered one.

Lens tool came separate from materials for me. I got it sooner. I do think it is a problem that so many of the tools shipped with the GF were broken on receipt.

You are right to request a new one, but in the meantime I would just glue the magnet together on the base so you can clean the lens and get to laserin’. That’s just me.


I made an order on Oct 24th for some proof grade materials and a new lens removal tool as mine is broken. I received an email stating that my items had shipped (it was on the shipped list) but it was not in the box with the wood and it was not on the packing list. I emailed them on Oct 30th about the missing lens removal tool and I got response back quickly (couple hours) that they are investigating however I have not head anything back from them as of yet…

FWIW, the Proofgrade ships from a different location than replacement parts. The replacement parts come from CA and Proofgrade from TN, so they’d at least be different packages.


Thank you everyone. I still haven’t heard anything other then they are investigating. I did glue the parts back together earlier along with my fingers to it! :smile:

I just got a 2nd email stating my item shipped so I’m hoping that’s it.

I apologize for the delay in shipping you that spare part. I just followed up in an email with tracking information for your order, so I am going to close this thread.