Les Paul Guitar pick holder

@garywoffinden He started this with his lovely guitar pick holder. But looking at it sparked a fire in me to try and make something of the same. I work in the theatrical industry and know a lot of roadies who would love something like this. I’ve talked to my friends about guitar bodies they like and want to see. I do plan on putting these up for sale on my etsy page. Mine do differ from the original, mine are a bit bigger in size and I’ve done different things when it comes to the details. I’ve got about 4 designs so far but only giving this one awayLesPaulpickbody ![20200401_223347|375x500]nuaZQ1FByI3BjiFYuZCEV20Cmdi.jpeg)


This is a fabulous design! Thank you for sharing it - I know several of my friends - and my husband, who I’ll have to make these for.

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you may have to adjust the pick slot for they type of picks they use

Ah - thanks for the warning! I may just make some that fits all? If that’s even possible…

you should be able to edit in adobe

Yes, that part is not a problem - I’ll use Inkscape. Just not sure what different size picks are, but I’ll find out.

the one i went off of is 1.25 by 1.25

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Really cool design!



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Excellent. Thank you.

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Thank you!

Please let me know if you made one, and if you have photos of the one you made please share, I would love to see.

@kdgink001 thank you for the inspiration. It’s a variation on what you created which uses draftboard, cherry, maple, and magnets. I was able to use photos from the company site to ensure the shape of the guitar is correct.

The additional circles on some pieces are to provide a spot for glue. Snapmarks were used to work on both sides of the top piece. One lesson I keep learning is that things you think are symmetrical ofter are not. Lucky for me it was only off a bit but I did have to force the piece in a bit when working on the other side.


I’m glad I was able to inspire you. I saw someone post something like mine and it inspired me and i started doing various guitars (I’ve got about 4 or 5 done). I only shared the one cause I worked really hard on the others and I’m not ready to give those up. I haven’t done one in wood yet, I’ve only done the prototype which was all draftboard. I plan to do them in wood and acrylic with small ( and i mean small magnets, these things are tiny). But again glad you got some inspiration from my post.


That is an impressive design…Thanks for sharing!

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Well done…I’m in awe!

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I’m not sure if you’re talking about my design or the guy who got inspiration from mine but thanks either way


Very nice original design. Thank you for sharing.

This is perfect for my husband, he leaves picks everywhere!! Ha!

Love it, Thanks :slight_smile: