Lesson learned: Not all wood from the same general species is the same. Update: FIRST EVER CUSTOMER DOUBLE SIDED CUT?


I’ll be updating this with a full post soon, as well as contact support, but for now, just keep this in mind:

Just because you’ve been able to easily cut through a .25 inch piece of Maple from Home Depot, that doesn’t mean that you will be able to also easily cut through a thinner piece of Maple from a very old, very solid tree!

I put this sucker through a lot of passes, too…maybe I should have changed the focus depth each time, hmmm…

Back of the slab:

Darnit, thought i had a pic of the calipers… piece was @ .24


Wow. Great advice. Looks like a case of variable density, where the edges on either side of the dark/light wood transition are much harder to cut through. Not really sure how one could compensate for that - well, I can think of lots of ideas for how to do it, but I doubt the Glowforge head has an x-ray source and matching receiver in the bed :stuck_out_tongue:


I bet if I place the piece upside down, I can align it using the cut marks, and maybe be the first customer to use the double sided cutting feature?

Or has that been done already?

Whoa, what was that breeze? Oh, I know…it was the other users all rushing to go try that first! Lol



There’s definitely a lot of variance in wood. Check out this padauk I got recently, it’s gorgeous!


I wanna see something made from it!


something to add to the hopper for GF 5.0 :frog::glowforge:


Heartwood vs. Sapwood, like my piece was?


Maybe like and ultrasound but I think you need an interface material so you don’t get all your sound vack off the surface?


Beautiful wood. What is the wood with the rubber band around it?


Thats the padauk I was referring to! It was the only pieces Ive seen like that, so I just bought them all!

@nunzioc - I think so! First time Ive ever seen it like that. Hopefully it isnt as much trouble to cut through.

@cynd11 - Hopefully sometime soon. Might be after MakerFaire


It worked! Is this the first ever customer double sided cut??

Lol, so much charring, it smells like the 4th of July…


I may marry you then promptly divorce you, just to get half…


Nice work! I see some figure in the wood you were cutting - that can dramatically increase the density and, as a result, how hard it is to cut through.


Awesome new GF head idea…ultrasound head ?


I like it! For mission critical jobs, a first raster-like pass over the whole surface with the ultrasonic head could be done, which would build a power/speed modifier map for subsequent cuts/engraves.

Would take a looooong time, but if it’s important enough to get it perfect, might be worth the wait. You wouldn’t have to closely watch the machine during the first phase.


You could also see voids and delamination…I think ?


Right! So you could also use it to place your artwork on a non-defective portion of gnarly material.


Thinking we got this handled for the next head…hahaha.


He should get a badge for that…lol
Nice work.


Thank you! @dan could I, could I, could I, pretty pretty, pretty, please?

I even have video of it…oooohhh, aaahhh…wait, it’s not working :frowning: