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I am super excited. Our school just purchased a glowforge for use in the classroom. I am looking for lesson plan ideas. My mind has been spinning ever since they “ok’d” the purchase. I teach middle school visual arts and love mixing tech with art.


That’s awesome!.. and a great excuse to have some remedial class time! :sunglasses: and welcome aboard!

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This post may be of help!


You might also want to do a search for posts by @theroar84. He’s been posting a bunch of tutorials on things he does with his students, using Tinkercad for designing.


A couple of quick ideas:

  1. Economical - 4x8 sheet of 1/8" plywood cut into 12"x12" squares at about $.35/each. Good to cut and assemble different designs - won’t break the budget - settings are easy to determine for cuts, scores, and engraves
  2. Artistic and Economical - go the way of engraving or scoring designs on 4"x4" subway tiles - finish with either craft paint or sharpies.

Lots of room for trial and error.

Brian :sunglasses::glowforge:




A key part of working with the Glowforge is what you do on the computer which you don’t need the Glowforge. I would start teaching there and let the final third be the cutting stuff out and cleaning and finishing at the end.

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