Let’s call it Customer Unservice instead

I lost my premium subscription due to switching banks and forgetting to put my new card number in. Now they won’t honor my original subscription price. I have been a subscriber since the first week the beta came out. I can’t do the $50 that’s outrageous, and I have 6 kids so doing the yearly price isn’t an option either. I emailed support to see if I could get my original price back. The tech was extremely cold and rude. I hate that I have invested so much money into a company that clearly does not care about their customers. Needless to say, just make sure you don’t lose your premium if you are still getting it at beta price. @Tavish

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So you sound like the person on Facebook that said you have other lasers and only used the Glowfoge for the premium files. As people told that person on Facebook, nearly everyone in the same position has written an explanatory letter to Glowforge and had their $15 subscription reinstated. I would like to believe that Glowforge corrects misunderstandings, even when the fault lies with the customer.


I have emailed them, no such luck.

If you are using and selling the “free with Premium” files you could run past the $50 every month pretty quickly, not including the rest. As for support, my experience is that they have been more understanding(if occasionally slow) than I would expect as well.


I don’t sell stuff from the premium files, my shop is all custom made items. I specialize in custom pet portraits. It’s more personal use, mostly decor stuff for my kids and our daughters love the new jewelry files. As for customer service, like I said in the original post, I emailed them and they were anything but understanding.

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If you are not selling pieces that use the artwork in Premium, then you can access all of that and more for free at the noun project.


Never heard of this! I’ll look it up

Sorry…this is not entirely correct. Some time ago, both @ChristyM and I had joined the Noun Project with this in mind. We both found out that deep within the TOU there are stipulations to the use of the images. They are not free at all. It was well-hidden…we were both very disappointed.


Be sure to read all the stipulations for use of the images. They’re not free.


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