Let’s make the biggest Glowforge project possible

Hey everyone,

I wanted to invite you to be part of the never ending Glowforge puzzle project I started in the Glowforge at home Facebook group. There has been similar style projects in smaller groups and different style machines as well but I wanted to invite everyone who wants to join in on the fun to make it as large as possible.

Anyways here is your video invite that shows the start of the project and info about it and how it will work:

And here is some written info for those who don’t like videos:
Basically we are going to be creating a huge never ending puzzle where each person edits (adds a custom engraving) and makes a puzzle piece from the provided file in the Glowforge at home Facebook group: Glowforge At Home | Facebook (the file is pinned to the top of the group, if you don’t have Facebook at all and want to join still feel free to pm me and I can email it, but if you have Facebook please just download it there so I don’t have to manually email a bunch lol)

Then once made they will send it by mail (as cheap as you can, no rush, the project will last until the end of the year) to the address found in the file with the other instructions.

We will add your art (appropriate, non political, and non controversial) to the puzzle to display your art/company logo/engraving to the puzzle. There will be updated photos and videos of its progress in the Glowforge at Home Facebook group along the way.

At the end of the year I’m going to try to convince a local artist group to put it on public display for at least a month so everyone can see it in person if they’d like if I can pull that off.

There are a few different puzzle pieces to choose from if you need extra space but I recommend making and sending a small one as well just incase we get a massive amount of people and we need to reduce on space but I am hoping to use the larger ones first and hopefully not run out of space.

Anyways I’d love you to join in and share your art. I just wanted a way for the full community to join in on the group project if you’d like.


Sounds like fun for those that use failbook.


As mentioned people without Facebook are more than welcome to join too. I’ll probably add videos to YouTube along the way too and can probably do an updated progression post in the forums with them along the way. I just didn’t want to overwhelm the forums with each individual piece that comes in as they come. I think that will me more of a collection update or something. Or I could just start an update thread too and just do it all in there. Yea that might be the better way to do it on the forum lol


Lovely! A few of us have done group projects in the past, and they’ve all been a blast :slight_smile: Going to dig up the instructions now!


I can’t wait to see what you come up with on yours. I appreciate you wanting to join in. I’m hoping it will be fun for everyone.


That sounds like a fun idea, and of course I am for all things puzzled :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


Thank you, if you decided to join in, I can’t wait to see what you make.


Late '90s vibes today.

Almost wish I could hop into an AOL chat room to hear the latest reasons Micro$oft is evil.

I wonder when Gen Z will be able to afford lasers. Few under 35 are active on Facebook.


and those that are, are there to chat with us olds :stuck_out_tongue:
OTOH, Instagram (which is totes FBlite) is filled with them, and many seem to have lasers (in what’s fed to me, of course). I imagine there are TikToks, etc. showing much of the same.

FB is now what Yahoo Groups was a couple decades ago.


I don’t care that half the world uses “social media”. I just don’t and thankfully neither does anyone else in my family, including my daughter. It served a purpose many years ago.


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