Leveling system for pour painting

(Note: this is a personal project, not supported by Glowforge… I do get to do these from time to time, CEO privilege. :slight_smile: )

I’ve been playing around with pour painting with my kids, and the results are just stunning!

That’s a scrap of Proofgrade acrylic that my daughter used to create this pour painting. You can learn more about pour painting from a million youtube videos - basically you mix cheap paint and glue, put it in a cup, then dump the cup. It’s just as easy as it sounds. You can also get a premixed kit so you only need the plastic cup!

I love using clear Proofgrade acrylic (instead of traditional canvas) because you get both the front and back as viewable surfaces. Here’s the problem: it’s so smooth that the acrylic just runs off both sides. I come back in the morning and it looks all slumped, with all the paint on one end.

So I made this.

I used Fusion 360 to model the surfaces, then sliced it with Slicer for Fusion 360. These are both available free, and I learned to use them forum members @Secret_Sauce (great webinar starts here) and @markevans36301 (great PDF tutorials start here).

The idea here is simple: there are three trays. The bottom tray stays put. The middle tray rocks left-to-right. The top tray rocks forward-and-back. By using a bubble level (or a phone app!) and shifting them around, you can make the top surface perfectly level. Then you throw saran wrap on it and let your pour painting dry on top.

It works perfectly! I’ve done pour paintings on a full sheet of Proofgrade acrylic and they come out perfectly.

This is sized for a loose fit with Proofgrade basswood plywood. It should also work with Draftboard or any other Proofgrade plywood product.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to capture the assembly instructions, but it’s fairly straightforward - I included two screenshots of the design in the zip file to help figure out which pieces go where.

pour painting stand.zip (1.6 MB)

If you find it useful, please share your own builds (and pour paintings!) in this thread!


More pour paintings:

I highly recommend it as a cheap, fast, fun weekend passtime for everyone from age 5 to 95. No artistic skill or fine motor skills needed.


Very nice, and I see you have thoroughly figured out Slicer for Fusion 360, probably it’s single most potent plugin and underappreciated.


That’s a trend I have so far resisted, but you just may push me over the edge. Thanks for the share! Of course it could be used for lots of other leveling tasks as well (how about cake decorating?)


Proofgrade pour paints, stat!


Thank you for sharing the file and another rabbit hole to go down.

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Ooh! Thanks! I need to do some resin work and perfect leveling is crucial.

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This project is a great example of how the Glowforge can add so much to the life of any crafter. Precision cutting or setup is not easy. Making jigs, fixtures, or cutting material with the Glowforge makes it so easy.

Thanks for sharing the process and the design.


That’s the beauty of a share like this, some will want to do this specific thing. Others will use or adapt the leveler, and a final group will see why I have been ga-ga about Fusion 360 all this time.


Really awesome! I have been using a piece of wood sitting on bean bags to get the level. I like this much better!


I bought a cake whirligig just last week and didn’t even think of leveling it. So many things to level!


Love the colors. Now you need to try color resin pour.

I like the sheet metal tool myself - no calculating stretch and bend radius, just unfold and take it to cutting. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’ve gotten pretty good with F360 in a pretty short time if you managed to knock out a rocker!
(I still struggle with slots.) :smile:

That’s a great tool… i’m looking into make some stuff with Resin and I thing it would be very useful!

Thanks @dan!

Well done!

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I love sm as well but you force me to be pedantic, sm is part of every Fusion 360 instal where slicer is a plug-in requiring separate installation.

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My sister does this as well. Looks great.

Awesome! I’m going to make one of these for my brother.

I’ll give you that :wink:

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Paint pouring kept me sane while I was packing for this move! Once a week my BFF and I would blow off everything else and make a giant paint mess. It was awesome. As soon as we get where we’re going and I get my GF set back up, I’m making one of these to send her. :slight_smile:

Here are a few of my favorite pours: