Levitada video on YouTube

Continuing the discussion from Levitada ~ a tool designed for us and also Animation Software suggestions or advice?

I’ve posted an “Introduction to Levitada” video on youtube:

Please send the youtube link to any/all artists or makers who might want to post things to give away!

This video focuses on Levitada’s potential to help artists and fundraisers find each other.
I intend to create another video which will focus more on Levitada’s usefulness to us: making it easy to for artists/makers to swap materials, but for now, that video is just “in the hopper” :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for your help/advice wrt making videos (I used Inkscape, EasySketch Pro, and VideoMakerFX to make the video). Thanks also for your encouragement/support wrt http://www.levitada.com.


Nicely made! This is really cool.


Posted it in my stream over on G+, lots of artists and creative types there.

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