Lid Cable replacement options

I have a Pro unit and it suddenly started to hang up with “Scanning”, “Centering” and finally “Lid Open” errors before it finally stuck on “Lid Open”. After reading through the forum it seems that it is highly likely that the source of the problem is the black ribbon cable on the lid.

Has anyone found a source for these cables outside of Glowforge? I am urgently making PPE and need to get up and running again ASAP.

The horror stories on service from GF indicate it is horribly slow turn around for support…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Since the cable’s fit and circuits are designed for the glowforge I doubt you would find it anywhere else.
Good Luck!

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I’m so sorry to hear that you are still running into this snag! I’ve reviewed the log files from your Glowforge, and it’s likely that the black cable on the lid has a problem. I’ve responded to your direct email ticket for the best next steps. I’ll close this thread, and follow up there.

Thank you!

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