Lid Came right off

So my lid came completely off ive read some posts all the bits that where connected by glue are no longer connected by glue and that includes the front bit as well. the glass is just floating at this point and the front bit is only connected by the wires for the LEDs that run along the front. I’m kinda at a lose as to what to do. I bought this machine back during the kick starter so its WELL out of warranty. I live in California so im wondering how much would it cost to send it in for a lid replacement if thats even a thing?

Welcome to the community. Make sure you send an email to They no longer monitor the forum and we are other users here. We can often help out, but the definitive answers about stuff like this should come from support.


@aznlife001 its $1125 for any repair, you may be able to purchase the OEM lid from ebay for $350 and do the swap out yourself (four nuts hold the lid to the case)


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they have for a plus and a pro as well…

@Deleted Hey thanks for the heads up! i was wondering if you knew what would be a good way to lubricate the hinge for the door. it seems very tight when i attempted to open the hinge.

WD-40 lithium grease… prob the best, but just a single shot of it, not a long spray.


Depending on use style, kind of meant to be tight. It’ll hold itself in a not completely open angle while also not slamming shut and shattering.

While your machine is down, you might want to clean your exhaust vent. :blush:

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