Lid Camera Calibration Beta

Nope, that’s significantly off. Try the calibration again using the other side of the sheet.
How far off was your alignment previously?

I recommend you get a screenshot of a completed op before you run the calibration so you can directly compare the results of before and after.


Just three arrow clicks on the keyboard to the left and three up and it would be spot on before. So minimal but enough to be annoying when trying to be precise so wanted to do this. Seems like it didn’t work out so well for me lol.

The team might need to make an adjustment behind the scenes. I’m sure they’re watching the results here, but I’ll tag @kevinmcvey just in case. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sit tight!

So do you think I should wait to see what they say before removing the masking and trying to recalibrate again?

Here’s mine.


After - Oh Yeah Baby!

Major improvement! :star_struck:


They can roll it back if necessary. If it was me, I’d try the calibration again. (Use the same piece of wood on the other side.)

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Well, lol. This is the same piece of Draftboard. The GF calibration marks are on the back of this one. So I guess I need to use another one. I’m not overly upset or anything as I’m sure they’ll figure it out with me even if I’ve to go through some material.

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Thats amazing. Mine was very similar to your before picture. Just a few clicks off.

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You can re-cover the board with fresh paper if you have some sticky track spray and large enough paper… I used the same board twice this way. Just make sure it is smoothly applied with no bumps or bubbles!


If it were me I would not use up another piece of Draftboard—I would peel off the masking and apply new masking (of course you would need to have 12” masking available but that is a very useful thing to have anyway) and reuse the old

Awww, TJE beat me to it!


Sight down the edge of your board to see which way the camber (warp) is and place it on the side that has the middle touching with the edges sticking up, and use the bed pins to clamp them down.
It’s important that the material is flat.


Here is a zoomed in portion of my “after.” Forgot to take a “before,” but I was getting a couple mm off near the center and 1/4” off on both left and right sides. Now it’s dead on almost everywhere.


I’ll try that. I have some that was recommended on here that I use for other items that aren’t already masked. I’ll have to give it a go tomorrow though before my kids disown me this evening. Thanks everyone for your help. I’ll check back in tomorrow with results from remasking, pinning down etc.


I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks!

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Someone who is much more knowledgeable than I will take a look and weigh in soon, probably before the end of the day tomorrow if not sooner.

Don’t forget to use the Set Focus command before printing the mark, too, or else the results will be less accurate.


Perfect alignment all around for my GF Pro.

Thank you GF Team! Exceptional Work!


Thanks Dan. I definitely used the set focus on it. I’m looking forward to working it out and I know they are swamped right now. So that’s fine on the time if they need till tomorrow.

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OK, I’m missing something here.
In the process there is no opportunity to use set focus… :thinking: unless you do that after placing the material and before starting the tool.

This is so great! This is a sheet of 1/4" PG acrylic. That thin strip you see left at the top is only .107" wide! Have never been able to cut this close to the edge of a sheet before. Thank you Glowforge team!