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Has anyone had a problem with the lid camera not capturing the complete printer bed. My camera looks like it shifted around an inch to the right. So when my picture is missing part of the board I am working on. I have tried everything I know of to try to fix this problem. I would include a picture but I do not know how or see a way I can attach one.

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The lid camera has a fisheye lens and shows the usable area of the Glowforge bed. You cannot access the totality of a Proofgrade board without rotating it. The usable area of the Glowforge bed is approximately 10.9" x 19.5" If you look at the printhead of your Glowforge in the home position you will see that there is material behind the printhead and to the left of the printhead. Those areas cannot be accessed and are not shown by the camera. Orient your artwork and material relative to the lower right corner.


Just tap that arrow and locate the pic you want to upload.


This picture shows the normal bed per the guidelines shown at the left side and top. Orient your board relative to the lower right corner of the honeycomb tray. Also, anything thicker than 1/2" requires that the honeycomb tray be removed for engraving.


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