Lid Detached from Hinges

It was bound to happen. I’ve had my Glowforge Pro since January 2017, and today I encountered my first issue.

After not using my beloved Glowforge for several months, I dusted it off, turned it on, opened it, and the entire lid separated from the machine.

Can someone contact me to let me know how to send it in for repair? Thank you.

That bites :frowning:
They’ll totally let you know how to send it in, but if you decide you want to do it on your own instead, there are instructions on the forum. You’ve actually got it a bit easier than some since your entire lid came off!


So sad for you. This isn’t the first instance of this, but it still hurts.


Aw bummer! Sorry to see that…I think there will likely be a lot more failing glue from the first machines soon.

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Well, I’ve been very pleased with my unit overall. I just might need a backup plan now for making holiday gifts now. :thinking:

I keep waiting for a comment about how clean the inside looks. That’s 3 years worth of lasering with minimal cleaning. :upside_down_face:


It looks clean enough to dine on…How? :smile:

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@rebecca, Oh no, I’m so sorry to see that your lid has detached. Since the next steps will require us to confirm some personal information, I’m going to send you a separate email with the details on how we can proceed.

If you don’t see my email in the next 30 minutes, please check your spam/junk mail folder. I’ll leave this forum post open until I know you’ve received the email.

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I have received and responded to your email. Thanks so much for responding to my ticket so quickly!


@rebecca, Fantastic! I’m going to go ahead and close this thread now. We will continue working with you over email on this issue. Thank you!