Lid glass adhesion question

Hey All,

Hope everyone is well and crafting away. I have seen a number of posts where people have had the misfortune of their lids shattering or cracking. As you may have guessed by the start I have also just experienced this with my own Glowforge Pro. I have read through a number of similar posts but as I am UK based being able to get the modified hinge isn’t that easy. I have purchased a replacement glass lid panel which fits nicely but I am having an issue when it comes to the correct gluing method. I had a google search and the recommended glue for this type of project was a Gorilla Glue EPoxy Mix. I purchased this and tried but with no luck, the instructions said a 24 hour curing time, I allowed 72 hours and it still came apart after 2-3 lid openings.

If anyone who has had this experience could share what product they found to be the best. Even if it isn’t particularly a UK based product it would be great appreciated as I will then be able to try to either find that exact product or a like for like match here.

Thank you in advance for any responses


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The lids are heat-treated and should explode instead of just cracking, but they are very much stronger as a result. The issue is that they need to be the correct size before heat-treating. many types of glue work, but the surface needs to be very clean. As the epoxy has failed CA glue will work best the smaller the opening. So using the slightest drop if it comes loose and treating it very gently would seem to be the best wat to go. Just make sure you don’t get glue in the hinge part as it will work there as well.


I’m sorry to hear that! This may help out.