Lid glass broken when i received home , What are the next steps ?!

Please help me guys, what are the next steps…

Thanks :frowning:

p.s. I am so sad today :frowning:

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Support will have already picked up your problem by posting it here.
They will be in touch and likely just ship you a replacement.
In the UK it took 2 weeks to get the replacement to me.
BE WARNED: I think you are in Canada, you will have to pay any duty again but should be able to claim it back - not sure what the process is in Canada.

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Oh crud, I hate to see them arrive that way.

As soon as support sees your post they will start arranging a replacement. Sorry. :frowning:

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Thank you for support !

Thank you for support , and informations !

I’m so sorry to hear your Glowforge was damaged in shipping! I’ve followed up in your email to arrange a replacement.

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