Lid handle broken

Just received my Glowforge. My wife and I unpacked it, placed it on its countertop home and when I tried to open the lid, the plastic handle for the lid about fell off exposing dried glue where the handle was glued to the glass lid. I stopped any and all unpacking and setting up to await a response from the company. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what was the outcome? I am very disappointed with this entire experience.

Oh, that’s not a very good first impression at all. Hopefully they just advise you to clean off the glue and epoxy that sucker back on, so you can get back to the good stuff. It would br a shame to have to send it back over something like that.

Edit: never mind, I misread that. I thought it was the metal lip thing, but it looks like the whole plastic front door got all cockeyed. Which would definitely not be just cosmetic.

Yes, this has popped up a couple of times on the forum. If I remember correctly (and I might not), the ones that had the handle loose like this were all replaced by shipping a new one out. In cases with the lower door popped out by the shippers there are instructions on how to pop it back into place since it isn’t held there by adhesive like the handle you have here.

Bummer about the delay, but I think you’ll get the replacement relatively quickly.


I went searching and the threads I could find had their followups in email so I don’t actually know if they were replaced or repaired. Either way, they’ll get you up and running soon.

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happened to me and a few others. in all cases it had to be replaced. usually they can send out the replacement concurrently to you sending back the replacement. so it might set you back 1 or 2 weeks. make sure you pack it right back the way it was, they will provide a FedEx label (not ups) for you to apply. you can drop it off or have it picked up.
sorry, that’s a bummer, I share in your frustration…

Oh no! I’m so sorry your Glowforge arrived that way. Unfortunately, we need to replace your unit.

I see you’ve sent us an email about this and I’ve followed up there with more information, so I’m going to close this thread.