Lid Handle fell off

My handle fell off yesterday when I was opening the cover. It didn’t crash to the floor because it’s hanging from the LED wiring

Are they still fixing these if the machine is a few years old?

Get yourself some good epoxy and glue it back up. It will be a lot faster than shipping it off. Several people have done that in the past.


What are some good brands I can use with this (not sure what is fire safe)? I have E6000, will that work?

I have no idea but there is no need to worry about fire safe. If the flames reach that the machine and probably your house are finished.


Several people have reported using JB Weld (not the ‘quick’) to repair failed lid hinges at the rear, so I would expect it work just fine o n the handle.

I would carefully remove what is left first.


Ha, that’s a good point

“I would carefully remove what is left first.”

Oh that’s a good tip, thanks

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